We have access to lots of equipment to suit all your recording needs.

Indian River Music Company (IRMC) is a combination label/destination-studio nestled in the shadow of the Indian River Lagoon in Central Florida.  We are based near NASA, Orlando and area attractions.  

IRMC caters to a variety of genres and has a focus on music diversity, we believe that regardless if you are a touring musician, studio-musician, arm-chair musician or combination of all, there is no reason for the world to not hear your music with the technology and instant communication available today...

Very simply...

The world is our local music scene.

We help musicians in setting up distribution through firms of their choice, coaching fundamental approaches to marketing, and setting up digital storefronts.  In joining the roster at IRMC, musicians immediately have access to the benefits of collective promotions that increase individual/band profits with little to no percentage taken by IRMC.  This process applies the classic collective nature of a "label" adapted to the modern global-reach of technology.  

You have choices with IRMC:

You can stay as part of the label as long as you wish, even if becoming a big artist, which further propels other musicians on the label.


If a major label or more desirable label relationship arises, you can leave and we have satisfaction with having helped with our process.

If you need help recording or perfecting your sound, we have a pro-audio studio with great amenities available, and a fair or discounted rate based on a case-per-case basis of need.  Just ask.

The music industry is changing, so musicians must adapt.  We can help.

*IRMC is now an LLC in process of seeking benefit-corporation status

For more on what is needed to be a Benefits Corporation: