Let There Be Light

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Indian River Music Company is thrilled to present you “From Liquid”, the debut single from new project Bringer Of Light

On this solid premiere, Bringer Of Light covers dark synth idol Mr.Kitty’s hooky infamous track. The synth is quickly replaced with a dirty yet familiar guitar that manages to convey the same expression as the original melody. Soon the song develops into a symbiotic waveform of energetic aggression, dark lyricism and melody that will surely please many audiences. 

Hailing from Texas, Bringer Of Light is a deathcore music project that features members of Alphæus, Halfway To Adonis (Brad Tbolt, songwriting/guitar/bass/backing vocals/synth/engineer and mixing), Eyes of Ares (Mike O’Brian, vocals/lyrics), and a third musician known regionally across the southeastern US needing anonymity due to other current obligations. The group is hard at work on an upcoming concept EP based on the Showtime series “Dexter". 

“From Liquid” is available now on most digital music platforms.